• 06.08.12

Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join High-End Pinterest Competitor The Fancy?

Is he interested in buying the company, or just a gift for Priscilla?

Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join High-End Pinterest Competitor The Fancy?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined The Fancy this morning under the handle “Zuckd,” and Fancy’d his first item: the Extendo Library Shelving System. Sorry if we spoiled the post-Honeymoon homecoming gift, Priscilla.


Facebook has not yet confirmed whether or not it’s the real Mark Zuckerberg, although it is a verified Fancy account, and the high-end Pinterest competitor has been generating a lot of buzz lately. The New York-based startup recently launched its own commerce platform, which is already seeing an average of roughly $50,000 in spending per week. It boasts nearly 1 million users, Kanye West’s seal of approval, and a $100 million valuation thanks to the backing of PPR and angel investors such as Jack Dorsey, who sits on the company’s board along with Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes.

In terms of people Zuck has followed–a total of 16–some of the bigger names include Path founder Dave Morin and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. His account has already rocketed to more than 100,000 followers. 

You might not think Zuck’s mere registration for a website means much. He tweets updates on Twitter, a network he once tried to buy, and joined Facebook competitor Google+ when it first launched. Zuck even signed up for Pinterest in February.

But you just can never tell if he’s interested in buying a shelving system, or the entire company. The last Jack Dorsey-backed startup Zuck took an interest in was Instagram, which his company is in the process of acquiring for $1 billion. 

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