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Bing Search To Serve Up Results From Britannica

Bing and Encyclopedia Britannica are partnering up for search. Britannica Online answers will be integrated into the Bing search page, giving a quick preview of the answers you were perhaps looking for, followed by search results, Bing explained in a blog post. The iconic encyclopedia maker shut its 244 year-old print edition and went online-only in March this year, deciding to refocus their efforts on their digital edition and online learning tools.

The Brittanica Online answers feature is in some ways similar to what Google hopes to offer through its Knowledge Graph (powered by Wikipedia, among others). In both cases, the search results dredge up data that readers will find useful before they've clicked a single link. Google's Graph additionally involves a deeper change in search technology itself, that'll better understand the search terms you enter in, for savvier results overall. 

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