Apple Settling On $2.25 Million Sum In Australian “4G” iPad Issues

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Apple has been under fire from Australian authorities over claims it misled consumers there with information that the new iPad is a “4G” device. While the iPad does support high mobile data rates that are compatible with some definitions of 4G, the chips don’t actually match to Australian systems to run at 4G speeds. According to The Australian, the company looks like it is now moving to settle the dispute for a relatively low price of $2.25 million and refunds to customers who felt misled. The iPad’s branding in several territories has been adjusted to make note of the 4G issue. Apple is widely expected to release an updated iPhone sporting 4G chips inside later this year, though it is unknown whether it will suffer the same issues as the iPad–probably due to the nascent nature of 4G around the world–or if it will be a true 4G worldwide smartphone.


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