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Spunky iOS Drives 2 Percent Of Google's, 76 Percent Of Apple's Revenue

Apple's iOS is behind a whole 2 percent of competitor Google's total revenue, an analyst has told AppleInsider. He bases it on an estimate that 40 percent of Google's $1.6 billion, in mobile profits, i.e. about $640 million, comes from iOS. iOS isn't doing too badly for Apple—at the iPad event in March, Tim Cook revealed that the 172 million mobile Apple devices that ran iOS made up 76 percent of Apple's total revenue ($39.2 billion in the second quarter of 2012). Google's Android plays decently for other teams too—Microsoft is estimated to earn $444 million every year from patent licenses on Android software, because of a deal the company struck with HTC. Of course, earnings like these could get skewed in the coming months as relationships between companies get more complicated. After all, isn't everyone in tech is suing everyone else?

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