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Discovery, Recommendations At The Heart Of Foursquare's New App

The "Check in" button that sat front and center of foursquare's app now reads: "Explore." This just about sums up the company's new take on location and data. The new app, redesigned from the scratch, is helping the company reposition itself as a recommendations service like Yelp or Google Places—a shift its users were already making in how they used the app. This new position also fits well with Dennis Crowley's plans to join the coupons game. Over three years, foursquare has gathered 2 billion data points about people's location behavior and habits. The patterns in that data, along with your friends' tips and checkins, is the basis for their new recommendations feature, the New York Times explains. You won't just be able to search locations on foursquare—in the new version, foursquare will offer up a list of recommendations based on past checkins. In addition to this, and a slicker UI, foursquare has added a "Friends" tab, letting you follow, like and comment on your buddies' activity and tips in a news stream.

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