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Nintendo Announces New Crop Of Content Partners For Wii U, New Mario Game On Board

At E3 today, Nintendo fleshed out the role of their new gaming console and entertainment hub Will U. They announced a new set of content parters, including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. Making use of the gyros, sensors and other bells that the Wii U controllers are outfitted with, the Wii U system also comes with an updated fitness trainer, Fit U, the newest version of their Wii Fit fitness series. (Yesterday, Microsoft's showed off its new Kinect+Nike Trainer, taking its stab at gamified fitness). Nintendo also announced a new version of its enduring Super Mario Bros. game, aptly titled "Super Mario Bros. U," one of a slew of updated games playable on the system. The Wii U system is estimated to cost about $400 in the U.S.

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