Microsoft At E3: Xbox Music, Nike On Kinect, Xbox Smart Glass

Microsoft kicked off E3 with a packed list of announcements this morning across its mobile and gaming platforms.

First up: music. Microsoft announced the launch of their new music service–Xbox Music. After the demise of the Zune player, it looks like Microsoft is refocusing its energies in a different direction.

Microsoft also announced a new partnership with Nike to create a fitness training system on the Kinect. The motion capture technology on the Nike+Kinect Training is rigged to provide better performance statistics and record and report feedback on workout techniques.

Xbox SmartGlass was the third product announced today–one that would integrate TV watching on the Xbox with all major mobile platforms–iOS, Android, and of course, Windows devices. TV on a device will pick up where you left off watching on the Xbox, and will be enhanced. For example, while watching Game of Thrones, a map will track the dense and well-dispersed narrative through the series’ fictional setting of Westeros.

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