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An iPhone Dock From Motrr That Lets You Video Chat With Ease

Josh Guyot was on a business trip 9,000 miles from home, using FaceTime to talk to his 2-year-old son on his wife's iPhone. It's a casual miracle of technology—but one that's too easily squashed: "He'd put the phone down and I'd be left looking at the ceiling," says Guyot, one-half of design team Motrr. And so was born the Galileo, an iOS-controlled iPhone dock that Guyot created with partner JoeBen Bevirt. Once a phone is plugged in, a remote user can manually tilt or pan with it, or even set it to automatically track a moving object. That can help streamline everything from long-distance video chats to complicated time-lapse photography projects. "We have these incredible computers in our pockets," Guyot says, "and we should use them to their potential." Which sometimes requires a mount. ($130,

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.