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Conferences You Don't Want To Miss In July And August



7th RTX 2012 , Austin
Gaming enthusiasts and developers share their undying love of video games, the Internet, and all things entertainment.

9th .Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany
The sky might not be the limit, thanks to the astronomers and developers who will brainstorm the future of astronomy in a visual and data-driven world.

12th Comic-Con, San Diego
Superheroes, comic enthusiasts, stars, and fans converge on San Diego for the largest pop-culture convention.

23rd Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, Mountain View, California
CEOs, entrepreneurs, and VC investors meet up to share their secrets of the trade and breed innovation in business worldwide.


4th ICEEA, Dubai
At the International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Applications, academics and doctors review new processes in environmental science.

15th Latin American Innovation Forum, Rio de Janeiro
Business leaders discuss emerging trends in Latin America and the impact social media can have on the region.

21st UX Week 2012, San Francisco
Designers share tools and tips on creating seamless digital experiences.

24th International Food Blogger Conference 2012, Portland, Oregon
Workshops and lectures are punctuated with wine and food offerings for lucky foodies and food bloggers.

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.