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Starwood's New Chinese Hotel Is Half-Sheraton, Half-Westin, And Twice The Appeal

Starwood Hotels opens a dual-branded resort in Changbaishan, China, in August. Half Sheraton, half Westin, it offers distinct experiences to leverage brands and create return guests. Here's what each half is selling.


Familiarity: Sheraton was the first international brand to open in Beijing in 1985 and thus already has a strong foothold in the fast-growing Chinese market.

Social spaces: The Sheraton caters to travel groups and is considered a social brand. The lobby was designed to encourage mingling, and food and beverage options are served throughout the day.

A family getaway: All of the guest rooms at the Sheraton feature generously sized lounge areas to foster quality time among families.


Newness: Its presence is intended to entice Sheraton visitors to return as Westin guests. "It's the best way to raise awareness for the brand," says global brand leader Brian Povinelli.

Solitude: The Westin aims to create an escape and swaps spaces that encourage group interaction for design that caters to the traveler who's looking for a getaway.

Personal well-being: A menu featuring superfoods, a state-of-the-art spa, and its Run Westin program (3- and 5-mile running paths surround the hotel) are intended to boost travelers' health.

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.