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This week Robyn Benincasa analyzed different leadership styles and offered advice on the best times to use them. We also called for the execution of certain UIs (we’re looking at you, Apple). And Austin Carr reported on the inside story of Google X’s Project Glass.

Bicycle Race

1. 6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should Use Them
Fast Company

Robyn Benincasa enumerates on different leadership styles and when to use each for maximum yield.

iMac Flower

2. Steve Jobs Almost Named The iMac The MacMan, Until This Guy Stopped Him

The MacMan? A closer reality than you might have thought…

Apple UI

3. Can We Please Move Past Apple’s Silly, Faux-Real UIs?

Tom Hobbs leads the push to drop these gimmicky UIs from our digital domain.

Google Glass

4. Inside Google X’s Project Glass, Part I

Fast Company

Austin Carr leads you on a deeper dive into the mind of Google Glasses creator, Steve Lee.


5. Yes, This Exists: A Spoof Of Portlandia Set In Geezerville, Florida
Fast Company

Is Sarasota, Florida changing from Geezerville to Geekville?

Pixel Skeleton

6. Death To The Pixels
Fast Company

The sagacious Kit Eaton predicts the death of the pixel (or at least the visible one).

Cloned Instagram

7. 4 UI Lessons For Instagram, From Facebook’s New Instagram Clone

Mark Wilson compares the Facebook Instagram clone to the real McCoy.

Actors Kissing

8. 3 Secret Weapons For Better Communication, From Professional Actors
Fast Company

David Lewis and G. Riley Mills (both actors) help you come at communication from a different angle.

Walking on Gear

9. The Rise Of The Micro-Entrepreneurship Economy

Jamie Wong takes you on a tour of the new micro-entrepreneurship landscape.


10. Scenes From DC’s New “Before Watchmen” Campaign

Susan Karlin gives you a glimpse of Watchmen’s controversial prequel material. Cue Rorschach’s “None of you seem to understand, I’m not locked in here with you! You’re locked in here with me!”

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