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Adam Hasler On Developing A Kickstarter For World-Changing Ideas

Adam Hasler is hoping his new start-up OpenInnovations will change the world.

Adam Hasler On Developing A Kickstarter For World-Changing Ideas

Adam Hasler, whose frenetic career trajectory was tracked in February's "The Four-Year Career," is now the senior editor for the MIT Press journal Innovations: Technology|Governance|Globalization. There, he's helping develop OpenInnovations, a social platform similar to Kickstarter that is intended to cross-pollinate world-changing ideas. "We hope to simultaneously break down existing information silos and create a shared space for those who work on urgent global problems," says Hasler. "Individuals no longer need institutional affiliation to develop solutions to the problems in their communities." Built using existing open-source community tools, OpenInnovations will connect citizens, researchers, and practitioners tackling pressing issues, creating a place to post and remix the components of high-impact ideas.

A version of this article appeared in the July/August 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.