IBM And Honeywell’s Barcode Scanning App Will Speed Up Your Grocery Run

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Retailers big and small are cultivating a mobile-rich approach to their brick and mortar stores, rigging up their stores with swipe spots for your NFC-capable mobile wallet and replacing checkout tills with iPads. That change is bleeding into the pre-payment shopping experience as well. IBM and Honeywell just announced a new mobile app that lets customers scan and price their shopping as they pluck an item from the shop shelf and deposit it in their cart. The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and can scan any barcode on a product, “no matter what background it is printed on, the direction it faces, or the packaging covering it.” The idea is, a customer can scan and check prices at will, then make a speedy exit through an IBM self-checkout station. (According to IBM research, self-checkouts themselves are hugely popular.) Coupons and promotions are included in the app, IBM says in a release.

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