Windows 8 Preview Hits, iPad-Challenging Tablets Coming In Its Wake

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Microsoft has finally drawn the curtain on its public preview edition of Windows 8, it’s next-generation operating system. This release is the final, near-complete preview of Win8 before its commercial release as a finished product, and gives Microsoft the chance to get the OS beta-tested by millions of people. Microsoft is counting on Win8 to ensure its future in the computing game, which has swung radically away from its traditional market with the boom in mobile computing and through innovations like the iPad. Acer, Toshiba, and Asus–all big-name PC makers usually aligned with Microsoft–are simultaneously said to be ready to reveal their Windows 8 tablets next week at the Computex show. Tablet sales will, MS hopes, win it a share of the booming mobile apps economy–said to be worth $58 billion.


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