Mobile News Reader Taptu Releases Web App Powered By HTML 5

News discovery and reader app Taptu just released a version of their reader app for the Web, powered by HTML5.

The web version of the news reader adds to Taptu’s existing apps for iOS, Android, Nook, Blackberry and Kindle. Its creation was motivated by responses from its users, CEO Mitch Lazar told Fast Company. “Of all the requests we get regularly, the number one request has really been, ‘Give us Taptu on the Web.'”

For Taptu, getting on the Web, is a break from tradition set by most newsreader apps, which tend to be mobile app focused, and in the case of Flipboard, only available on iOS devices. The Taptu Web app also prepares the company for a potential future in the versatile and cross-platform HTML5 as opposed to native apps. Though, for now, Taptu’s focus won’t stray too far from its mobile heritage. “If the market does move that way we’ll be ready,” Lazar said.

A little less like Flipboard, but a little more like Zite, Taptu’s trump card is its search feature which throws up news stream suggestions based on word-search algorithms. Also, Taptu lets you “DJ your news” by mixing source streams within the app itself, as you might do with a Twitter list, or a Google Reader folder. Taptu is now porting those strengths to the desktop-accessible Web.

Up to 50 percent of Taptu’s 800,000 readers are based in the U.S., home turf to other reader apps like Flipboard and Zite. 30 percent of Taptu’s following is based in the company’s base in the U.K.

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