Rumored iPhone 6 Parts Revealed In Photos

Several online sources, including 9to5Mac and MacRumors today posted photos of what’s said to be the chassis of the upcoming iPhone. 9to5Mac notes its source is a reputable one, being the same people who revealed that a white iPad was en route.

The images show a device that is, as rumored, taller and thinner than existing iPhones, and includes a redesigned, smaller iPod dock connector. The headphone socket has also moved to the bottom of the phone and it’s said the extra space in the “chin” of the phone is to improve the iPhone’s speakers. The format does agree with many long-standing rumors, from the alumninum back to a thinner format, and also is compatible with the notion Apple may go for a bigger screen that could be in 16:9 HDTV shape.

Questions have arisen about the parts’ authenticity, but a number of clues point to genuine Apple provenance. These include the high-detail milling of the device’s back surface–a feature that reminds us of the first iPad, and which would need a high-spec manufacturing process that is now an Apple trademark.

Separately, Bloomberg recently revealed that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with the design of the upcoming device right up until his death.

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