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SoftBank's New Smartphones Will Detect Radiation

Japan telecom operator Softbank will start selling smartphones this summer with radiation sensors built-in. The Pantone 5 107SH (which comes in eight colors) is waterproof and dustproof, but will also detect radiation in microsieverts per hour when a key is pressed. Also, a map app will keep track of past radiation check locations and levels. While Sharp has yet to release pricing details for the phone, Softbank founder Masayoshi Son said the phone would be "affordable." The Pantone series is considerably popular in Japan already, and the fact that this phone is the first to run Android 4.0, The Verge points out, may be reason enough for its success, even without the addition of this rather unusual feature. After Fukushima, radiation has become a day-to-day concern for people in Japan, making its way into the environment and mixing itself up with some kinds of food.

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