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This week we reported on a glass coating developed by MIT that not even ketchup or mayo can resist. And Aisha Mustafa patented a new quantum physics propulsion system that could revolutionize the way we navigate the galaxy. We also reported on “CITE,” the most technologically advanced ghost town on the planet.  

Sticky Notes

1. 8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work Culture
Fast Company

Paul Alofs offers 8 rules for creating the ideal work culture.


2. MIT’s Freaky Non-Stick Coating Keeps Ketchup Flowing

Austin Carr reports on why we might never again have to pound the old “57” on our ketchup bottles.

Jet Engine

3. Mustafa’s Space Drive: An Egyptian Student’s Quantum Physics Invention
Fast Company

Aisha Mustafa (a 19-year-old student) might have discovered a new method of space travel. NASA, take note.

Junk Food Infographic

4. America’s Most Innovative Neighborhood: 15 Square Miles In New Mexico, Population: 0

Fast Company

Humanity is now building super-advanced “testing cities” with no inhabitants. Does this sound like the beginning of a Resident Evil movie to anyone else?


5. The “Hell Yes!” Approach To Better, Bolder Decision Making
Fast Company

Amber Rae makes the case for the “Hell Yes!” approach to decision making.

? Notes

6. To Get To The Root Of A Hard Problem, Just Ask “Why” Five Times

Eric Ries imparts the importance of “why.”


7. The Mouthwash Principle: For Max Effectiveness At Work, Rinse And Repeat
Fast Company

Peter Bregman implores you to channel a little bit of that broken record in you.

Suzanne Philion

8. Dude, This Diplomat’s No Stiff
Fast Company

Suzanne Philion looks to change the way that we perceive public servants.

Navigation Bar

9. Yahoo Announces Axis, A New Visual Paradigm In Web Search UI

Axis (a new browser from Yahoo) looks to change the way that we navigate the web through our phones, tablets, and computers.

Pictures on a wall

10. The 5 All-Time Best Facebook Campaigns

Teressa Iezzi compiles the 5 best Facebook-related advertisements, which range from clever, to poignant, to downright creepy.

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