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Microsoft Downplays Windows 8 Adoption Numbers, Preps 80-Inch "Tablet"

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Microsoft Downplays Windows 8 Adoption Numbers, Preps 80-Inch "Tablet"

According to, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch giant Windows 8 "tablet" hanging on the wall of his office, and he's ditched his phone and his note paper. The tablet is made by a different company, but a Microsoft spokesperson made a note of saying the machine—effectively a Windows 8-equivalent of its Surface product—will go on sale. Meanwhile Microsoft is in PR withdrawal, correcting some words Ballmer uttered last week to say "500 million users will have Windows 8 next year." Ballmer was restating, out of context, some figures that had been previously released, MS now asserts, which represent the maximum possible ugrade path from Windows 7 devices. In other news, Microsoft has upset some developers by saying it will withdraw some of its software support tools for writing Windows 8 desktop apps, intending to concentrate its app push onto full Metro-supporting software (implying full touch control, versus more traditional Windows code). 

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