Google Funds Teaching, Buying Raspberry Pi, Arduino Modules For UK Schools

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Google’s Eric Schmidt was speaking in Science Museum in London yesterday and revealed that Google would be investing in the U.K.’s Teach First campaign–an effort to make sure no British kid’s education is compromised by their socio-economic background. Google’s cash will go to funding 100 places for graduate teachers on the sex-week scheme before they go on to teach in schools, and also help buy Raspberry Pi and Arduino cheap computing modules to get kids up to speed early with the engineering principles of computing. The U.K. has a rich heritage of computer adoption, with widespread use of the BBC “B” Micro (built by folk who eventually went on to create ARM) in schools in the 1980s…although recent concern has been expressed that the U.K. is squandering this position, and there is a new effort to teach computing to youngsters. Schmidt notes Google’s money will help around 20,000 kids in disadvantaged communities.


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