The “Hell Yes!” Approach To Better, Bolder Decision Making

The “Hell Yes!” Approach To Better, Bolder Decision Making

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with and interviewed hundreds of CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives. One key factor that separates inspiring and successful leaders from those who are trying to make it is decisiveness. 

Last year, when I was working with Seth Godin to build The Domino Project, he constantly pushed our team to make more decisions. His theory was that it didn’t always have to be the perfect or right decision so long as we took the risk and decided.

As part of Seth’s publishing experiment, I began working with Derek Sivers to edit, publish, and market his book. Through this experience, I become intimately familiar with his “Hell Yeah” approach to decision making. It’s stuck with me since and has proved to be a productive go-to framework for making things happen. 

Here’s how it works: For every opportunity that comes your way–be it a new business initiative, event, partnership deal, or hiring decision–ask yourself, “Do I want to ______?”

Most often, you’ll intuitively respond in one of three ways:

1) “HELL YES!!!!! Abso-freaking-lutely! No question! YESSSSSS.” When this happens, you should do it. Right now.

2) “Yeah… This makes sense. I can see this working. Yes.” When this happens, you should table it for now and revisit it later. Or never.

3) “Maybe. That could be cool. That might work.” When this happens, you should walk the fuck away. Mediocre is not good enough.

The difference between the aspiring entrepreneur and the one who’s building a forward-thinking multi-million dollar business lies in the ability to say “HELL YES” or “HELL NO.” Quickly. There is no yes. There is no maybe. 

“Hell yes or NO.” Those four words will change the trajectory of your work and life. 

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