Google’s Doodle Honors Synthesizer Genius Moog

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Google may today be sharing its most sophisticated Google Doodle yet. In honor of analogue synthesizer inventor Bob Moog (pronounced to rhyme with “vogue,” by the way, not like the “oog” of Google) the Google logo is a fully-functional synthesizer. You can tweak many of the electronic parameters in the same way you would on a real Moog, and you can even record your tootlings with a simulated period-relevant four track recorder–it even lets you share your tunes via short links or Google+. Google’s blog post notes the synthesizer was built using separate inter-connected components, much like the real thing. Google’s using the doodle to promote Google Chrome, recently overtaking Internet Explorer to become the most-used browser, because if you access it using a modern browser like Apple’s Safari it cheekily suggests you “Upgrade to a modern browser and see what this doodle can really do”. 


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