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We released our annual Most Creative People list this week. As usual, it was wildly popular. Though we have decided not to include its content in this week’s top 10, you can read about it here (in case you missed it). We have some incredible new tech stories this week that include defying gravity and circumnavigating the globe using nothing but solar energy. We also have some sound business advice on how to love your work, condense the nonsense, and hire new people like a pro. Enjoy.

Measuring Tape

1. Clayton Christensen On How To Find Work That You Love
Fast Company

Clayton Christensen shares his thoughts on deeper motivational factors that will help you feel more fulfilled at work.

Broken Egg

2. 5 Ways Process Is Killing Your Productivity
Fast Company

Lisa Bodell has 5 tips to clear out the managerial clutter at work.

Abandoned House

3. Exclusive: New Google+ Study Reveals Minimal Social Activity, Weak User Engagement
Fast Company

Check out Austin Carr’s controversial piece on Google+’s weak engagement.

Junk Food Infographic

4. Infographic: When The Lights Go Out, The World Eats Junk


Mark Wilson gives you reason to lock your cupboards at night.

Levitating Orb

5. MIT Creates Amazing UI From Levitating Orbs

Mark Wilson reports on how MIT is defying gravity.

iPad Typing

6. This Dead-Simple Idea Could Fix iPad’s Lousy Typing

Daniel Hooper is revolutionizing the way we edit on touch-screen devices.


7. J. Crew CEO, Apple Board Member Mickey Drexler Reveals Steve Jobs’ iCar Dream, Confirms “Living Room” Plans
Fast Company

An iCar? Well, the auto industry probably could use some disruptive competition…


8. The 6 Huge Hiring Mistakes Everyone Makes
Fast Company

Patty Azzarello hits you with some brilliant advice on how to avoid a hiring blunder.

Solar Boat

9. This Crazy Boat Just Completed The First Solar-Powered Sail Around The World

Ben Schiller reports on this amazing boat that circumnavigated the world using nothing but solar power. Their biggest challenge? Pirates!

Colored Dots

10. The Key To Content Marketing (And Business): Be Less Self-Centered

Shane Snow argues that the key to marketing lies in listening, not talking.

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