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Social Ad Spending To Reach $10B Soon, But How Much For Facebook?

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A new survey from BIA/Kelsey has looked at the trends in advertising on social media and concluded that by 2016 it'll be a market topping $10 billion per annum, mainly as display ads. For context, some $3.8 billion was spent on these ads in 2011, so phenomenal growth is predicted. In the very week Facebook IPOs this sounds like great news, except for different data coming from Wordstream that suggests Facebook's adverts have less reach and are less effective in generating click-throughs than traditional web ads served up by Google. Meanwhile car giant GM is reported by the Wall Street Journal to be killing its $10 million Facebook advertising campaign because it simply didn't work to generate sales. GM will continue to use free channels on Facebook to generate brand awareness, but its decision means Facebook will lose out on income.

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