Facebook Share Pricing Rumors Hint At High Demand, $100 Billion Valuation [Updated]

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Facebook’s share price will likely be in the $34 to $38 range, according to sources speaking to AllThingsD, which puts its valuation near the long-rumored $100 billion range. That value will likely be boosted because it also seems likely the company’s underwriters will agree to issue around 50 million additional shares to meet keen investor demand. And if you’re a trophy share collector, you may be interested in buying a paper share certificate, because this super-high-tech firm has revealed it’ll be issuing some of these very traditional objects to be available through speciality websites. Official share pricing will be revealed on Thursday, but we already know one thing for sure: Mark Zuckerberg won’t be kicking the trading off in person, instead choosing to ring the Nasdaq bell by remote from Facebook’s headquarters.


Update: Facebook just filed a seventh amendment to its S-1 form, noting that it will offer 50.6 mllion extra shares and comfirming a $34 to $38 price ticket. This more or less assures its valuation at near $100 billion assuming it chooses a price at the top of the bracket. It’s also a big step up from its previous estimate of between $28 and $35 per share. 

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