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Small And Smaller: Apple And Intel's Vision Of Chip Innovation

Via Engadget, TechEye: Thanks to Intel and Apple, chips are shrinking, and could lead to future devices that are smaller, faster, and better-behaved battery hogs. Reports have leaked about Paul Otellini, Intel chief's grand plans for tiny chip innovation as small as 10 nanometers, targeted to hit the market by 2015. For the latest manifestation of the ongoing slide towards tinier chips, you only need look as far as the newest versions of Apple's iPad 2. Codenamed the iPad 2,4, the new models are coming outfitted with a newer, smaller chip about three quarters the size of earlier versions, that uses 32nm tech (still three times the size of Otellini's 2015 target) compared to older 45nm chips in the original iPad 2. It leads to 16 percent more battery life.

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