• 05.11.12

Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

Here are the stories you read, shared, tweeted, and pinned this week.

This week’s top 10 gives you a glimpse into the minds of top designers, advertisers, and a Chief Collaboration Officer (bet you didn’t even know that existed). We also have some great videos from a SunRun campaign that hopes to bring solar energy into the mainstream, and an infographic that will have you thinking twice before you invite your advertising friends over to party.

Lipstick Kiss

This infographic confirms what most of us already knew: Advertisers are a different breed, and you should probably be keeping a watchful eye on them at office parties.

Clown Hat

With the growing emphasis on collaboration and innovation, Lydia Dishman outlines why your company needs a CCO.

iPad Swipe

Suzanne LaBarre discovers one of the most intuitive UI apps yet.

Instagram Camera

Mark Wilson outlines why an obsolete product just might hit it big.

FB Advertising

Michael Lazerow gives you an inside look at how Facebook advertisers are succeeding in the social media landscape.

Lighting Matches

Helio Fred Garcia shares his thoughts on how to engage an audience and keep them interested.

Missile Launch

E.B. Boyd gives some great advice to prospective and young startups.

Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams shares his thoughts on life, design, and how the two intertwine.

Kash Sree

David Zax interviews one of the top creative minds in the industry. Check out his Nintendo ad at the bottom (it is especially fantastic).

SunRun Solar Panels

SunRun hopes to get solar power to the masses by appealing to your wallet, not your conscience.

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