Twitter Developing Original Sports Content

Sports fans are one of Twitter’s core audiences. The microblogging giant hasn’t been shy about their interest in working with established brands, and a new job listing indicates that Twitter’s significantly boosting their original sports content.

The help wanted advertisement, for a Sports Editorial Associate Producer, has job responsibilities that signal Twitter’s interest in doing something with sports. Alongside standard internal communications duties, the freelance position requires the producer to “monitor and curate a live stream of Twitter sports content,” and “write pithy, smart content in under 140 characters.”

Twitter is currently hiring for a variety of other editorial/media positions. However, most of the other job listings (such as a Government and News Associate and a Twitter Media Site Editor) primarily involve internal communications and outreach/assistance to politicians, government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations on Twitter. The sports producer listing is the only one that seems to be explictly aimed at creating an end user-based editorial product.

When reached for comment by Fast Company, Twitter’s Rachael Horwitz stated that the position was on a team led by Chloe Sladden that “collects and shares best practices and highlights unique Twitter moments across several key verticals–including sports–to many external audiences including users and our partners.” Horwitz declined to elaborate beyond that.

So far, Twitter’s main original editorial product has been Twitter Moments, a low-key collection of Storify-like tweet collections documenting historic events, noteworthy debates, or creative uses of Twitter. However, Twitter Moments has been aimed at potential advertisers and corporate partners just as much as the general tweeting public.

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