On Games: Rovio Plans Amazing Alex, Minecraft Breaks Sales Records

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Via YLE, Joystiq. Rovio is following up its smash hit Angry Birds with a second game called Amazing Alex. Rovio CEO Michael Hed first introduced Amazing Alex on Finnish TV Yle. Angry Birds had a billion downloaders breaking stuff in Angry Birds, but this second Rovio creation will focus on making stuff–Amazing Alex will have an educational theme as its protagonist, Alex, likes to build things. Meanwhile, in other gaming news, Minecraft for Xbox 360 debuted yesterday, and broke sales records for Xbox Live Arcade games, Microsoft revealed. According to one estimate by the game’s creator, the company sold 400,000 games in 24 hours, and earned back the cash Microsoft spent on development in the first hour of sales, numbers which were seconded by a blogger on the Xbox development team.

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