RIM Tries To Refresh Exec Team With New COO, CMO

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Embattled BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, has just revealed it’s overhauling its executive team once again, with a new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. Kristian Tear is the new COO, and seems himself to be fallout from the recent Sony and Ericsson machinations, being formerly EVP at Sony Mobile Comms and having before that held a “variety of operational leadership positions” in Ericsson. Frank Boulben, the new CMO, is formerly EVP of Strategy, Marketing and Sales for LightSquared (itself embroiled in some complex business issues right now) and before that working for Vodafone and Orange. The moves come after RIM’s co-founders finally departed the company as its marketshare is gobbled by Apple and Android, and RIM is accused of a bizarre anti-Apple PR campaign in Australia that has badly backfired.


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