Steve Jobs Felt Like “Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother” During Apple’s Worst Years

Journalist Brent Schlender drew from dozens of conversations with Steve Jobs from over a quarter century of reporting to make the case that Jobs’ so-called “wilderness years,” his time between Apple stints, were some of his most formative.

For the first time, we’re offering some of those snippets online. In this clip, from  Jobs discusses what it’s like to watch the company he founded go horribly wrong. And he’s tough on then CEO Michael Spindler, someone Jobs says won’t even return his phone calls.

“Imagine if you’re the mother of, you know, some bad kid,” Jobs says. “You’re Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother. Or you’re the mother of some kid who’s turned into a robber … robbed banks or something, been to jail. I don’t equate Apple with that, but in a way I do…. You never stop loving your kid.”