Facebook Offer For Tasmanian Retreat Alarms Facebookers

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Via TheNextWeb: Some of you may know that Facebook started a Groupon-like coupon feature called Facebook Offers. It turns out, though, that Facebook hasn’t been publicizing it much, which means many people haven’t a clue it exists. When a Tasmanian company pilot-testing Facebook’s Offers service signed up to trial the service, they saw replies and shares of their $99/night offer spike. Facebook page visitors who “Liked” the resort were automatically received a no-pay coupon that they could redeem if they chose. Well and good, except that many Facebookers panicked: they flagged the note as spam and wondered if their accounts had been hacked. With 3 million people connecting with their Facebook page after the offer went into effect (they had 50 vouchers), and asking to be removed from their “list,” Huon Bush Retreats posted an explanatory note on their Facebook page. “We apologise to anyone who finds our offer to be offensive. However there is nothing that we can do to change this. Only Facebook has control of how Offers are distributed.” 

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