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This week’s top 10 list is wonderfully diverse. We have some sound leadership and motivational advice from our expert bloggers, and Jonathan Gottschall wrote a great piece on the power of storytelling. For those more tech minded, Kit Eaton delivers the latest iPhone 5 rumors and Suzanne LaBarre found an interesting UI device that is straight out of a sci-fi movie.


1. The Sharp Drop-Off In Worker Happiness–And What Your Company Can Do About It
Fast Company

Mark C. Crowley dishes on what is wrong with corporate culture today and how companies can keep their employees genuinely happy.

Cat and Mouse

2. Empathy Is The Most Powerful Leadership Tool
Fast Company

Ginny Whitelaw shares the key to leadership and motivation.


3. The Simplicity Thesis
Fast Company

Aaron Levie predicts that companies will simplify or perish.

Paper Watch

4. Kickstarter Advice From The Guy Whose E-Paper Watch Raised $7.1M


Eric Migicovsky shares his strategy on how to raise big bucks via Kickstarter.

iPhone 5

5. Apple Rumor Patrol: The Next iPhone Is Coming Soon–And It’s Skinnier Than Don Draper’s Tie
Fast Company

Kit Eaton hits you with the latest Apple iPhone rumors. Expect big changes.

Clever UI

6. Watch This Ingenious UI Idea, For Dragging Files From Your Phone To Computer

Ishac Bertran shares his awesome UI idea, straight out of Minority Report.

Trojan Horse

7. Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon

Jonathan Gottschall discusses the importance of storytelling in business and life.

Oldies Pic

8. How Companies Like Amazon Use Big Data To Make You Love Them

Sean Madden has some advice on how to leverage consumer data to humanize and improve customer experience.


9. How To Choose The Best Cloud For Your Data
Fast Company

Kevin Purdy breaks down the cloud storage services for you.


10. Reinventing Education To Teach Creativity And Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Medbery offers her views on how to reinvent education in the U.S.

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