Samsung’s Galaxy SIII Arrives, Aimed Squarely At The iPhone

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Late yesterday Samsung held a media event to reveal the Galaxy SIII phone, its premiere smartphone aimed directly at competing with Apple’s iPhone 4S. It’s been broadly well received online, with some impressive specifications, a 4.8-inch screen, and a thin and rounded form factor that has finally departed from looking like an iPhone clone. But with very similar features like “S Voice,” a voice assistant that can perform some feats automatically on your voice command, and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, there are bound to be further complications in terms of lawsuits–particulary since Apple is moving to patent parts of its Siri voice assistant. The phone is important for Samsung because it’s battling Apple for smartphone supremacy, and while Samsung sells many more devices, Apple makes 73% of cell phone profits versus its 26%.


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