After The U.K. Censors It, Pirate Bay Site Sees Traffic Boom

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Just the other day the torrent-source website Pirate Bay saw 12 million more daily visitors than it has ever had before. The news comes in the immediate aftermath of a U.K. High court decision to order local ISPs to block access to Pirate Bay’s site, and it looks like some–such as Virgin Media–have already complied. A site spokesman is quoted as thanking the British Phonographic Institute, responsible for pressuring the courts to enforce the ban, for free advertising that rapidly spread throughout Europe. In the interim period between the decision and broad site-blocking, the site is said to plan educational tips for users on how to circumvent the ban. The move illustrates the technical complexities of trying to enforce blocks on parts of the Internet, and comes just as the high court in Pakistan rules that censoring the Internet is actually illegal.


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