Now Even Baby Naming Gets Social, With Facebook-Linked Name Maker

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The Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington Kentucky just had a Baby Name Generator app constructed for it, designed to help expectant mothers work out the “world’s most perfect” or merely “super-cute” names. Its code centers on social media influencers, tech starts, sci-fi characters, notable vampires and so on…and once you’ve juggled together the world’s most SEO-able, Klout-friendly name you can pin it on a virtual blanket and then pin that to Pinterest or share it on Twitter, Facebook and so on. And if you can’t decide yourself, the app even lets your Facebook friends crowdsource a name for you by voting on your potential choices. Silly, but fun…and actually taps into an interesting social idea–that our future children’s names could be more dynamic than historically typical. At the time of writing, the most shared name was “Schwarzenneger Churchill Ted,” for a child that would seem destined for greatness.


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