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Motorola Wins Injunction Against Microsoft Products In Germany

A German court has granted Motorola an injunction to stop the sale of Microsoft's Xbox, Windows 7, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player in the country, the most recent event in an ongoing patent dispute between the two firms. Motorola won't be able to stop sale of the devices just yet, because, just before this, a U.S. court made just the opposite ruling—siding with Microsoft to prevent Motorola banning Microsoft products in Germany. Microsoft has appealed the German court's decision. Motorola's moves in relation to the two patents in question today is a weaselly move, some argue—rather than suing competitors, Motorola needs to license those patents under FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms. Motorola is still under investigation by the EU for antitrust play, and the EU's final decision could overrule today's judgement from the German court. FOSS Patents has the blow-by-blow

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