RIM Reveals BlackBerry 10, Releases It Unifinished To Developers

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At its BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Research In Motion just released its BlackBerry 10 operating system to developers keen to write apps for the platform, and it also showed “DevAlpha” testbed hardware for the OS–an all-touchscreen smartphone, with a 720p 4.5-inch screen. All approved developers can gain a handset to help them write code using the BB10 developer OS, but because BB10 is still in prototype phase it’s incomplete and the newly-released system cannot hook up to Wi-Fi or make phone calls. BB10 and the touchscreen devices it’ll run on represent RIM’s hope at inserting BlackBerry’s once again into the leading edge of smartphone tech–though early opinions on the software are somewhat lacklustre, and again lead to doubts RIM can catch up to Apple, Google and Microsoft, especially as consumer handsets aren’t due to later in the year by which time new Apple and Android hardware will have arrived.


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