Web 2.0 News Aggregator Site Digg Losing Its Tech Staff

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Digg’s technical staff are being hired by the Washington Post, according to sources familiar with the goings-on, and they’re being used to flesh-out the team that built the WP’s Social Reader app for Facebook. But, and here is the rub, the WP isn’t interested in buying social news aggregator Digg itself. That leaves a huge question marke hanging over the future of one of the biggest and most successful early Web 2.0 companies, although the firm has seemed to struggle for a while–after a controversial redesign in 2010 that sank much of its lucrative traffic, and the departure of its founder Kevin Rose. While Digg once played a dominant role in directing web traffic to news sites, that business is now the domain of names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, newly, Pinterest.


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