Visa Confirms Launch Of V.Me Mobile Payments In Europe This Fall

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NFC and mobile payments really are breaking big… outside the U.S. Credit card company Visa has confirmed launch details of their mobile payment system, first announced late last year. The mobile wallet service will launch in the U.K., Spain and France in August 2012, giving customers, banks and retailers access to multiple cards through a smartphone, computer, or tablet. “ sits at the heart of Visa’s future of payments,” Mariano Dima, Executive Vice President of Product and Marketing Solutions at Visa Europe said in a release, adding that the service would be a “streamlined online checkout experience” and offer users “the same protection and rights that come with any Visa card transaction.” Visa is gearing up for more change too–Dima added that “ will ultimately be able to incorporate any or all of our new payment technologies, allowing our members to deliver the best possible payments experience whether face-to-face, online or in a mobile environment.” In the U.K., Visa will be partnering with payments processors WorldPay.

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