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The CSYS, A High-Tech Desk Lamp Inspired By Elevators, Science, And Apple

Jake Dyson talks about the inspiration behind his sleek desk lamp that won't droop or dim

Photo by Taka

"Small lamps are ripe for redesign—their springs relax, causing the lampshade to sag, and they aren't long-lasting. To solve these problems, we imported the mechanics of larger, more complex objects. We studied the ruler on a designer's drawing border—it slides up, down, and sideways—and combined that system of wheels with the function of an elevator, weighting the lamp so the arm can slide every way possible and stay put. We wanted LED lights but learned that heat shortens their lives, so we spent two years researching solutions. Chuan Chang International, which makes internal cooling devices for Apple and HP, helped us build a heat pipe that evacuates the heat. This keeps the lights at 140 degrees rather than 250; they'll last about 37 years." ($900,

A version of this article appeared in the June 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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