Classic Manual Tools That Bring The Pleasure Back To Handmade Goods

Classic manual tools that bring the pleasure back to handmade goods.

Classic Manual Tools That Bring The Pleasure Back To Handmade Goods

Photos by David Yellen, Prop styling: peter tran for igroup

Motors may be more efficient than human muscle, but there’s still plenty we can do better than our electricity-driven replacements–especially with this classic equipment.


[1] Imperia pasta machine

(Pictured above) This Italian shop found a vast U.S. customer base when its hand-crank pasta machine was introduced in 1932, as Italian immigrants were eager for a taste of their homeland. ($70,

[2] Dux adjustable brass pencil sharpener

Dux engineers built this sharpener to hone pencils differently depending on the task at hand. Released in 1953, the three-setting German sharpener is still produced on the original machines. ($20,

[3] Swing-A-Way can opener

Simplicity is key with Swing-A-Way’s model 407, which was invented in 1955 as a smaller alternative to the company’s wall-mounted device. The ultra-durable steel opener was used by NASA in the Skylab space station. ($8,

[4] El Casco desk stapler

l Casco launched in 1920 as a gun manufacturer. When hit by the Depression, it shifted to office supplies, which could be made on the same equipment. This stapler, a 1934 design, is assembled by hand and bears the initials of the person who made it, adding ease to repairs. ($125,