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Kraft's Crafty MilkBite Package Design Makes You Think About Cold Glass Of Milk

How Kraft's Milkbite cereal bar packaging makes you subliminally think of ice cold milk.

Kraft has dedicated 2012 to furiously introducing 70 new products. The MilkBite (milk and granola) bars caught our eye—because the box for every flavor had the exact same artful splash of milk careening down its side (minus a splotch or two). So we asked: What's so special about that design? Kraft sent us this statement:

"The milk 'splash' found on the Kraft MilkBite box was designed to visually represent the product benefit being offered, specifically the fresh taste and appeal of milk. From a branding perspective, the team at Kraft Foods felt it was important to maintain this cascade across all of the flavors to unify the product line, communicate the brand's dairy credentials, and tell consumers that Kraft MilkBite bars are a unique experience."

A version of this article appeared in the June 2012 issue of Fast Company magazine.

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