Dropbox Simplifies Desktop Photo Backups

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As the din over the Google Drive launch dies down, Dropbox is piping up to announce yet another feature for easy photo backups. Dropbox’s first photo update announcement came in February, where they introduced the auto-backup option for Android phones, where Dropbox would automatically upload photos from an Android phone as soon as they were taken. Dropbox has updated that feature to extend to any camera or phone connected to your desktop: When connected, photos are ported into a private folder titled “Camera Uploads.” Dropbox will also update its website with a photo viewing page, and will hand out an extra 500 MB free to users who fire up the auto-upload feature with 500 MB of photos (up till 3GB). Early this week, Dropbox announced a two-click link-sharing feature for any file or folder users had up. If Google’s draw as a cloud storage service is its hefty 5GB of free space (and an automatic sync to Google+, your existing Google Documents, and anything you have on Gmail), Dropbox is aiming to be the simplest cloud service to use. Plus, with that extra bit of free photo space, it isn’t too far behind on free storage either.

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