Amazon’s Revenues Rise To $13 Billion, But Profits Slip

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Amazon’s last quarter results were reported late yesterday, and show that the online retailer is seriously growing its sales: Revenues at $13.2 billion were up 34% year on year. But net income slipped 35% to just $130 million compared to last year’s $201 million–a much less compelling figure. Some of this additional operating cost comes from the fact the firm added 9,400 workers to its payroll during the quarter, it’s largest growth spurt ever. Nevertheless, the firm did beat analyst expectations by a wide margin. And though it kept its Kindle sales figures, as ever, under wraps it was separately guessed by Comscore that the Kindle Fire now makes up for 54% of U.S. Android tablets–a figure that represents a success for Amazon and which will irk Google as the Fire uses a completely forked Android version.


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