Facebook To Offer Free Downloadable Antivirus Software

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Facebook is offering Facebookers 6 months’ worth of free antivirus software via a new partnership with security champs McAfee, Microsoft, Symantec, Sophos, and TrendMicro. Users can download protection from Facebook’s new Antivirus Marketplace, and the antivirus protection won’t be confined to user’s Facebook pages, rather, the companies will squash web-wide threats. Facebook’s massive popularity makes it a target for bad links and spam, something Facebook’s been tackling through its partnership with companies like McAfee and Websense. Those security companies scan every link a Facebooker clicks on, and compare it with a “blacklist” of bad sites on their databases. A user is then warned about the site before they can click to proceed. Now, with the free antivirus downloads, it looks like Facebook’s taking a broader approach to keeping the social network safe.

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