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HTC Expects 55 Percent Higher Revenues For Q2

HTC expects a 55 percent increase in revenue since since its somewhat gloomy first quarter this year, Reuters reports. Revenues for Q2 are expected to stack up to about $3.56 billion. The company is also predicting healthier gross and operating margins, but those numbers are still below HTC's 2011 performance. The company is planning to make and sell fewer phones, and may make its own chips as well, in an attempt to refocus strategy and be less reliant on third-party chip manufacturers. The phone maker also said that the U.S. will not be its largest market for Android phones, as had once been the case. HTC remains one of the biggest sellers of Android phones. Back in its glory days in 2010, HTC was the lead seller of non-Apple smartphones in the U.S. and had 11.8 percent market share. 

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