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Barclays Bank's Stick-On Credit Cards Turn Any Phone Into A Wave-And-Pay Device

Barclays bank has been on top of the mobile payments game, most recently with the launch of their secure mobile money transfer app, Pingit. Now they're taking contactless payment one step further into the wild world with a stick-on contactless credit card that could turn any phone into a tap-and-pay service, provided of course, that there's an appropriate point-of-sale device around. "PayTag" is available free for Barclays Visa credit card holders, as an extension of their existing accounts. Also in the works at Barclays is a partnership with cellular service provider Orange. Orange is due to announce a slew of Android phones with a Barclays payments app enabled, which can be swiped over contactless registers at various department stores, and coming soon to the London bus system and the Tube. Meanwhile, speaking at the Ad Age conference this week, MasterCard execs said that the company is investing generously in apps and mobile, following pilots like the six-month-long MasterCard PayPass test with New York's MTA.

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