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Brin Backtracks On Facebook, Apple Internet Control Concerns

Sergey Brin has posted a note on his Google+ page clarifying comments he made to the Guardian earlier this week, in which he warned that competitor Apple and Facebook's closed-in policies threatened the larger freedom of the Internet. This morning, Brin wrote: "Today, the primary threat by far to internet freedom is government filtering of political dissent," rather than the rules imposed by the extremely powerful likes of Facebook. But Brin's supposed concerns about a more controlled Internet because of mammoth networks and data storing companies have echoed by others, most recently by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the world-wide web. Except, he counts Google among the web's data hoarders we've got to be wary of. In an interview with the Guardian, Berners-Lee called on regular Facebook posters and tweeters to be more insistent about demanding their data from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others. (In a small move towards giving users their data back, Facebook expanded their Download Your Information service last week to show users their social history on the network in a tad more detail.)

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