Apple Updates China Supplier Responsibility Numbers, Challenges Greenpeace Data Center Report

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Carrying on its new tradition of sharing environmental and worker responsibility data about its suppliers, Apple has updated its Supplier Responsibility report to show new numbers for March. 95 percent of employees among the suppliers it tracks now follow their 60-hour work week mandate, up from 89 percent in February. Apple is also tracking a larger pool of employees–800,000 workers now, compared to the 500,000 workers it tracked when it first started monitoring suppliers in January. On the environmental responsibility front, Apple has responded to Greenpeace’s claim that their iCloud data center was drawing on inefficient coal power, saying the Greenpeace estimate of their data center’s energy needs was overblown. Earlier this week, Apple agreed to an environmental audit of one of its circuit board manufacturer partners in China, in collaboration with the China Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs.

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